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bangladeshis are hardworking and poor but eternally cheerful

The experience of being in Bangladesh for a fortnight has been slightly surreal. Here you have the second poorest nation in the world dominated by hardship and the tortuous progress of  cycle rickshaws often laden with vast cargo weighing down the rickety, gearless machine. The test grounds are sparsely populated as people just haven’t got the time or inclination to linger at poorly appointed test grounds when there’s a days work, (with paltry earnings of £1) to do. Read more…

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ian bell takes evasive action as england press for victory in dhaka

The beauty of the Bangladeshis is their irrepressibility. The inhabitants of the second poorest nation on earth have numerous hurdles to overcome on a daily basis: chronic shortages of fresh water, choking pollution, appalling traffic congestion, frequent power cuts and mosquito infestation. Yet from the poorest urchin to the richest businessman they are relentlessly smiling and cheerful. Read more…

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stuart broad appeals in vain for another wicket in dhaka

All series we’ve seen English pragmatism versus Bangladeshi daredevilry. The average ages of the teams might explain that. England’s is 28, Bangladesh 23. We’re talking youthful exuberance against seasoned pro. Tamim Iqbal against Graeme Swann epitomises that. Tamim, a hybrid of Virender Sehwag and Matthew Hayden – both now displaying their wares in the IPL – is all youth and swagger. Swann – who probably wishes he was performing in the IPL – is more experience and graft. Read more…

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ian bell celebrates his 10th test hundred in dhaka

Much discussion has centred around the pitch for this second test and who it was created for. Was it a coming of age present to the dynamic Bangladesh left hander Tamin Iqbal for his 21st birthday? Probably not as the rumour is he is actually 23 and born in August. Was it tailored to Bangladesh’s array of low slung spinners to wreak havoc on England’s batsmen? Well no, because barely a ball has turned and it is so slow that even a delivery that hits the wicket might not dislodge the bails. Was it made to help the reverse swing of Rubel Hossain – a poor man’s Waqar Younis – and pin Englishmen lbw? Maybe, but the umpires weren’t playing ball. In the end, a surface as dead as this can only have made to be a statisticians delight. Read more…

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england fielders at sixes and sevens in dhaka

England have been caught napping in this test. On the first day they were utterly taken aback by Tamin Iqbal’s audacious assault on their sensibilities. After that blow to the solar plexus, the bowlers gradually regained their breath and dragged England back to level on points by the end of round one. The young attack showed admirable staying power in unbelievably energy sapping conditions. Imagine running in to bowl on top of a sizzling barbeque and you get the idea. But yesterday morning it was as if England were still groggy from the day before, and some absent minded cricket allowed Bangladesh to regain the upper hand. Read more…

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